The Most Detailed Video Game New York City We've Ever Seen

A gamer known as Asterion built this unreleased replica of New York City in PC game CitiesXL. Those familiar with the city beyond Times Square should note landmarks such as the Lower East Side Projects, Columbus Circle and Ground Zero.

This map was first revealed in early July. It's still a work in progress even now as forum posters have given suggestions that have been implemented into new versions of the virtual city. If you'd like to follow the city's progress, the latest forum thread can be found on the Simtropolis forums.


    Now if someone could just port this to Just Cause 2 :D

      You laugh, but mapping cities into a portable format and making them available for any developer could be a valuable resource.

      Think how much time it would save if instead of having to build from the ground up every time you only had to tweak what was available...

    Wow I didn't think cities xl would ever be good for something. That's pretty impressive. I imagine it takes a good hour to load though :P such a horribly coded game.

    Has the New York skyline ever been that clear and unpolluted? Looks fun though, I like the idea of putting it into JC2!

    What is Cities XL? I've never heard of it.

      A much more (sort of in my opinion) complicated way of playing Sim City.

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