The Next Wave Of Video Game Comics (And Stuff)

Each month, the Previews catalog from Diamond Comics showcases about 400 pages worth of upcoming comics, board games, statues and other stuff. A lot of it is video games. You can see the September issue's items here.

The catalogue usually lists items that will be out two months after the catalogue date, so expect a lot of this stuff in November.

Like what you see?


    Stop it, dose it seem like i can afford to spend even more money on top of my gaming habit.

    You sir are a temptress.

    It could be nice to mention that comics are released monthly, so even if it says issue 2 up there you may still have time to snag issue 1!

    Also you should pop down to your local comic shop now, most have some kind of pre-order system (Kinda like with games) where you can tell them which titles you would like to collect and each month you can go back at your leisure knowing you didn't miss a crucial episode in the middle of a story arc!

    There is of course always the option to wait for the trade paperback, this is when they collect all the single issues that make upo one story arc into a book and then you don't have to bother "collecting" the singles, a big deal for some people.

    "You sir are a temptress" lol I love it

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