The Oregon Trail Uh, Trailer - There Will Be Dysentery

This trailer, allegedly for a movie based on everyone's favourite edutainment game Oregon Trail, is so well done I honestly triple-checked to make sure the movie wasn't really being filmed.

Revisit all the well known gags - overloading on ammo, the banker's uselessness and, of course, dysentery's sweet, brown embrace - in this short shot by the Los Angeles-based "new media production group"/comedy geniuses Half Day Today!

The Oregon Trail - Official Trailer [Half Day Today!]


    hahaha "ow..ow...ow..ow..."

    ...hey.. it also has nudity! :D

    ... now we need a moive based on pitfall.. two and a half hours of swinging on ropes, jumping on crocs and avoiding scorpions as large as a man..

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