The PlayStation 3 Launches In Incredibly Expensive Brazil

Nine months after the official launch of the PlayStation 2 in Brazil, Sony brings the high-definition magic of the PlayStation 3 to the South American country, with a launch price of roughly $US1130, $US500 less than originally planned.

Video games are expensive in Brazil. When the PlayStation 2 launched there last November, the asking price for the then nine-year-old system was around $US461.

So it makes sense that the PlayStation 3 carry a higher price tag. Today the 120GB PlayStation 3 Slim goes on sale at Sony Style stores around the country for 1999 Brazil Reais, which at current exchange rates equals approximately $US1,130. Pretty steep, but it could have been worse.

According to Anderson Gracias, division manager of Sony PlayStation Brazil, the original price was to be 2499 Brazil Reais, or $US1408. In order to stay competitive with the Xbox 360, which sells for $US999 to $US1599 in the country, Sony is subsidising part of the cost.

Brazil with get the PlayStation Network in three phases, beginning in 2011 with a Portuguese translation. Then Brazilian content will be added, and finally the service will be tweaked to work with the services available in the country.

For $US1,999, Sony Style starts selling PS3 in Brazil on Wednesday [Vol Juegos (translated from Portuguese) - Thanks Claudio!]


    What is the reasoning behind the Brazilian prices? Is there a real added cost of business there, or do companies just do it because they can?

    Ahh, 60% import duty, +18% tax is probably partially to blame...

      No, 60% import duty and 18% sales tax doesn't explain it. $US 300 plus 60% plus 18% = $US534. Not $US1130.

      How are they transporting each unit there? In gold-laced blankets on seats in first class?

    $1500 USD. Jesus Christ. If this is the state of official outlets, why wouldn't anyone simply import from North America.

      Uhhh...because of the aforemented 60% import duty?

      I dunno, you could probably still fly to the states and pick one up for cheaper...

    This is the reason why Sony can still make PS3s for a profit. They sell cheaper than they make in America, but Brazil and Australia settles the difference.

      What incredible business sense you have.

        Ouch, Burny.

        Your sarcasm is probably lost on him.

        lol, thanks Dave for providing the sarcasm, cause I would of been a bit more harsh.

        (p.s. your the same Dave I know from PCPP right?)

      Cost of shipping, staffing and after sales services play a big role in the difference how each country price their products. Furthermore, currency exchange rates in terms of strong/weak dollar ratio and risk control for currency fluctuations also play a part. Lastly, market demand also play a role in determining the cost of goods.

      It's important to note that multi-national companies don't run their entire empire out from a single country. In most situations, they establish a local division which employs local staff that comes with localised operating costs.

      If you're still not convinced, Sony Australia Limited is a publicly trading company so obtaining financial reports from them would not be difficult.

        Finally an intelligent human being rather than a know it all slagging a corporation on facts plucked from sky.
        I take my hat off to you!
        Can you please fix many angry kids their.

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