The Pokemon Company Wants You To Play! Pokemon

The Pokemon Company launches its new Play! Pokemon program today, urging Pokemon fans new and old to pull out their pocket monsters in public.

Playing Pokemon on your DS is only the tip of the iceberg as far as the Pokemon experience is concerned. As I witnessed first-hand in June, there's a large community of Pokemon fans all over the world, just waiting for someone to whip up their handhelds or a Pokemon Trading Card Game deck and go to town. Wireless play is all well and good, but seeing the look on your opponent's face when your Squirtle somehow overcomes their Pikachu is priceless.

See, Pikachu is electric, and Squirtle is water, which is weak against electric. Keep up with me here.

It's with this spirit of community play that The Pokemon Company launches the Play! Pokemon program. Formerly known as Pokemon Organized Play, this new program is more than just a nifty logo. It'll provide events for all ages of Pokemon players, from local Pokemon leagues to international tournaments.

Though damn, that logo is pretty nifty.

"We are thrilled to introduce Play! Pokemon to our loyal fan base as well as to new TCG and video game fans," said J.C. Smith, director of Consumer Marketing at The Pokemon Company International. "We want to welcome new fans to our Pokemon community, which has seen incredible growth in player participation over the past several years."

To keep track of Pokemon events in your area and beyond, keep an eye on the organised play section of the Pokémon website.

And for those of you who as in love with this new logo as I am, expect branded merchandise to debut at the Pokémon World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, August 14-15.


    Another kick arse Pokemon service that Australians will never see...

      you can never be too old or ashamed, however i think you can be too geeky about it. and yes, sad to say that as advanced as australia is, we never get the good sh!t

      Yeah, sucks we don't get stuff like this but for the first time ever I had a Toys R Us event in my town last year and I now have every legendary from Gen 4 thanks to WiFi give-aways.

      Nintendo Australia might not be making great strides in the physical realm but with WiFi we are on par with North America in terms of event access in game.

    I am far too old and ashamed to play Pokemon in public...

    "The Pokemon Company launches its new Play! Pokemon program today, urging Pokemon fans new and old to pull out their pocket monsters in public."
    One indecent exposure charge is enough for this month, so I'm gonna have to pass on this request. ;)


    i so want pokemon fire red or pokemon leaf green.=]

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