The Pretty Paintings Of PS3 Artist's "Ico-Inspired" Project

Naughty Dog (Uncharted) artist Eytan Zana is working with thatgamecompany's (Flower, Journey) Matt Nava on something new. Something they're calling the "Ico Project".

You can see some of the haunting art over on Zana's blog, and yeah, it's very reminiscent of the landscapes found in Team Ico's classic 2001 platformer for the PS2.

Before you get carried away, this isn't some official Ico project. Hell, it's not even an official game; it may just be an artistic collaboration between two guys who just really dig Ico, and will result in nothing more than some pretty paintings.

But it sure looks nice! Suitably desolate, suitably haunted. Here's hoping it's all for some upcoming Sony title (bot devs being PS3 specialists), but even if it's not, here's hoping we get more gorgeous art to look at, and pretend it's from a new Ico game. Or even Last Guardian, since it's been so long since we saw anything on that!

Naughty Dog Talent Developing An 'ICO-Inspired Project' [MTV]


    Erm, you sure it's not for "Journey", thatgamecompany's upcoming ICO/SotC-esque game?

      Do you know what 'inspired' means?

      Well, all I've seen of Journey so far has been desert areas, so this looks somewhat out of place for that project.

      Still, some great concept art regardless.

    There are worse things to be inspired by. In fact, to be honest, there are few better things.

    Spelling error: (bot devs being PS3 specialists), should be both.

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