The Queen Of Blades Made Flesh

Sarah Kerrigan, aka Starcraft's Queen of Blades, is not a real person. Well, not a real thing. That being the case, this is as close as you'll probably ever get to her.

Those who have been to, say, Blizzcon (or Blizzard's HQ), may have seen this life-size statue before (it's around two years old, we think), but since many of you haven't, here she is in all her glory.

Kerrigan sculpture from StarCraft [artsyTIME, via Reddit]


    oh... my.... god.... so sexy... and so so damn creepy...'s stunning...

    I am disturbed by Headless Kerrigan.

    But still, dat ass.


    So like is it impossible for game designers to make female figures that arent outrageously sexualised in every way possible.

      There's also the fact that they've sexualised a... bug-spider-skeleton-lady.
      s'little disturbing.

      Sure, it's *possible*, but... why?

        because its pretty damn cringe worthy when the female villian of a game comes in walking with zerg high heels and an ass like that

      Fat people should be banned from videogames.

      Well if you thought for 2sec's you would realize that Kerrigan is a specimen of genetic manipulation and enhancements. I don't think "over weight" or "stubby" falls under all powerful psychic being now does. Her character is SUPPOSED to be perfect fool.

      I do question this as well. Even the creepy Queen of Blades must have a killer figure right?

      That said, I don't remember the last time I saw an ugly female videogame character. Why the hell not? We have ugly/old/grizzled male characters and obviously normal/ugly women exist, so why do we never see any?

      Is it because videogame design is mostly a boys' club where they just design sex symbols with supermodel bods? I don't know. But almost every developer is guilty of this.

    It's probably disturbing just how many of us would hit that, given the chance.

    (I'm not taking a moral high ground here, either :)

    I'd tap that creepy bug.

    Hey though if you were that um zergified there'd be no going back right??

    are you guys serious? no! no! its not hot! dont tap that!
    havent you seen species? watch it! theres a lesson to be learned that is pretty much exactly related to this

      Amen to that Brotha!! Dont touch the freaky bug lady people!! that ass aint worth it!

    I'd hit it. She's got a bubble-butt.

    Excuse my ignorance by why does an Alien creature have such a normal name?

      The Queen of Blades is an infested Terran Female, her name was Sarah Kerrigan.


    but seriously, thats a fucking awesome statue, the face the body, the wings. the attention to detail is just supurb. But that arse is just way too perfect

    I think this needs a poll. Who's arse is better, Sarah Kerrigan's or Bayonetta's?

    Science demands an answer!

    The glowy red spot! Thats her weak point!

    Thats where you should uhh...discharge your load...

    ...of bullets

    ...of course

      Yes... Ofcourse... Lol.

    Someone should start making sex dolls of the Queen of Blades to this high quality. I kind of wish I could say that was a joke.

    I share a strange affinity with Sara Kerrigan aka The Queen Of Blades. She's AWESOME! Love the statue, would love to own a figurine of her! Yeah we share the same initials.


    this it totally hand-party worthy

    Is she for sale ???????????????

    And I think I just destroyed a good pair of pants !

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