The Two Sides Of Brink’s Civil War

The Two Sides Of Brink’s Civil War

There ain’t no good guys, and there ain’t no bad guys. There’s just the revolutionaries and the security forces, and they just disagree with bullets in this first developer diary for Bethesda’s Brink.

Developer Splash Damage lives up to its name with the waterlogged world of Brink, detailing the two sides of the civil war threatening to tear the last bastion of humanity apart. You’ve got the revolutionaries, struggling to make sure they have enough of the Ark’s dwindling supplies to survive, and the security forces, who believe that maintaining order is the only way to overcome the terrible situation they’re all in.

It’s not about good guys versus bad guys. It’s a clash of two ideologies, each believing they’re in the right. I love the way Lead Writer Edward Stern puts it, explaining the game isn’t about evil terrorists versus the military or heroic revolutionaries against oppressive forces.

“It’s not how the world is. No one thinks they’re wrong. No one says, ‘Yep, I’m evil; I oppress. That’s pretty much all I do.'”

Well, no one in Brink at least. I say that every morning over cereal.


  • March 2011 cannot come fast enough! I can’t wait for the gameplay videos to come out of QuakeCon (First time playable by members of the public)

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