The $US100 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Collector's Edition Is Worth Every Penny

With two different intricately detailed, creepy cool jack-in-the-box collectibles packed inside the collector's edition of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, the question isn't if you should buy it, but where.

The collector's edition for Assassin's Creed II, with its lovely tin and Ezio action figure, was quite a nice little package, but Ubisoft has outdone itself with the CE for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. I need an Assassin's Creed jack-in-the-box like I've never needed anything else, and $US100 seems a fair price to pay to secure one. I just need to figure out if I want the Harlequin, which is a GameStop exclusive, or the Doctor, which comes packaged in every other retailer's version.

In case the jack-in-the-box wasn't enough, the collector's edition also comes packaged with an art book, two exclusive in-game maps, a hard copy map of Rome and a bonus disc containing a making-of video, a sneak-peek at the comic book, trailers and the game's soundtrack.

Help me decide! Do I go Doctor, or do I go Harlequin?


    Dammit. Now do I stick with the EB LE or pick this one. Or both? :p

    Whoa! This looks a lot better than the EB Games Australia limited edition. Is this one coming to aus??

    I forgot how awesome plague doctors looked.

    My first instinct is to go for the Harlequin as it would fit in quite nicely with my joker bobblehead.

    Is the Harlequin just for Ps3 and Doctor just for 360?

    Oh man, I totally would have pre-ordered this if it was in Australia. And probably would've tried to get the doctor one. The Harlequin is just plain scary.

    I would think it is only in America because they did not have the codex edition like we have and this is there kind of answer i guess to the codex edition here. Personally i am happy enough with that.

    I think this Vs. the Reach Legendary Edition is the quintessional gaming grudge match of 2010.

    Fable 3 LE coming a tragic third?

    I don't see whats so great about it for all that extra money :/

    Now THIS is a step up with Collectors Editions.
    Whilst the GT5 is nice, I like model cars, the price is A LOT!

    No doubt this will be nearing the $200 mark.
    But its better than other AC CE's.

    How many are there now? EB have the main one and then I believe Game and JB have there own. Is this yet ANOTHER one?
    I actually want this though!

    The doctor is very Assassin's Creed. It's a memorable character with his mask. So from an AC perspective, you would go with the doctor. But that Harlequin looks awesome and very freaky, which is the only thing Jack-in-box's are good for! I'll prob go with the Harlequin IF available in Aus.

    I hope those jack-in-the-boxes are the extra bonus in our collector editions. I would definitely pre-order from EB just for that Harlequin one... it looks so awesome.

    Wow those are awesome, id be happier with it though if there werent store exclusives, and two other collector's editions already

    Tried to preorder it via Amazon but I was hit @ checkout by a delivery issue ... I guess no international shipping on that item ...
    I will investigate ...

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