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Typically this post right here at 9am every Monday updates you on the games hitting retail shelves this week. That means boxed games rather than downloadables. But not this week.

That's because there are no games getting released on disc this week. There are, however, games getting released for download.

I haven't until now covered downloadable games here because we cover new Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Store and Nintendo Store releases in their own posts every week. Also, we don't often know exactly what's hitting those digital channels each week until the day they actually launch.

Which makes it tough to paint an accurate picture on a Monday. Indeed, at the time of writing we only know the XBLA game arriving on Wednesday. We don't know what's coming to PSN, WiiWare, Virtual Console, etc.

But let's see how it goes. I'm going to try to add downloadables here from now on. Wish me luck!

New releases for the w/c August 2:

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (XBLA) What Is It? This brand new Castlevania game continues the series' traditional exploration-based platforming while introducing a simultaneous four-player mode, HD (Harmony of Despair, geddit?) visuals and a zoomable play area. Should You Care? It may not be of the calibre of Symphony of the Night, but there is no shame in that. Every platformer fan should pick this up.


    how much ms points do you need though??

      Think it is 1200. I'll be glad to be proven wrong, though. Not to take a slight jab at previous Kotaku articles about Limbo, but I think there'll be more length to this release, at the risk of less girth. Well... I dunno, what is girth in games? How much of a metaphor for the atomic bomb it serves as?

    I remember buying Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, and realising the Dawn of Sorrow stood for DS.
    I felt really smart at the time.

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