The Week In Games

If you're American, the biggest game this week is obvious. In Australia, however, we're just not that into ice hockey.

So we'll ignore the 11th edition of Madden and instead focus on... er... uh...

A couple of brain-burstingly hardcore wargames for the PC? A PSN brawler based on a comic book about relationships and geek culture? A couple of supernaturally-inclined adventures for the PC? An online shooter for Xbox Live Arcade? Or an expansion pack to a game you probably didn't buy?

Hmm. Maybe I should start taking an interest in baseball after all. What are you picking up this week?

New releases for the w/c August 9:

Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 (PC) What Is It? Complex, intimidating war sim set in WWII's eastern front and featuring lots of tank-on-tank action. Should You Care? Although not for beginners, hardcore wargamers will lap it up.

Black Mirror 2 (PC) What Is It? Spooky, supernatural point-and-click adventure. Should You Care? Solid enough that fans of old-school adventuring won’t complain.

I'm Not Alone (PC) What Is It? Alone in the Dark revival sees you exploring a haunted mansion and battling the occult. Should You Care? Ideal for fans of b-grade schlock horror.

Madden 11 (360, PS3) What Is It? The 11th in the popular series of notable basketball commentator simulations. Should You Care? Apparently it's got "better running controls, streamlined playcalling and quicker game times", according to Kotaku's resident lacrosse expert, Owen.

Making History II: The War of the World (PC) What Is It? Easily the most complex and intimidating of the two complex and intimidating strategy games this week. Think Europa Universalis, but even nerdier. Should You Care? Surely you just want to play Civ V, don't you?

Monday Night Combat (XBLA) What Is It? A third-person, class-based shooter that mixes Team Fortress with Smash TV. Should You Care? I haven't played it yet but let's hope it's better than Blacklight: Tango Down.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (PSN) What Is It? Comic-based brawler that harks back to the days of Double Dragon and River City Ransom while winking at every game in between. Should You Care? A must if you love the comic and worthwhile if you dig a sense of humour with your punching.

Tropico 3: Absolute Power (PC) What Is It? Expansion pack for the really-quite-good comedy dictator sim. Should You Care? You can now build garbage dumps on your tropical island.


    Not funny dude...

      Actually very funny.......american football???

      Is that AFL played in Amercia or something?
      Is this guy 'Madden' a full forward in one of teams or is he a coach?

      Why is he playing football if he is only 11 years old? must be gifted...

    Yawn...back to Starcraft I go.

    Can't wait for Madden 11 personally, but it isn't for those that don't like the sport in the first place...


    My backlog is looking all the more enticing considering what's on offer this week...

    You have captured the 'regular' Aussies understanding of the sport of Gridiron (American Football) perfectly. Thanks.

    Nothing here for me though.

    Assignment due in 3 weeks and my two regular games (Trials and BB) to fill in time.

      I try!

        Gridiron is peculiar to America as AFL is peculiar to Australia. I don't understand why they have such a strong following...
        As usual, David's witticisms are able to capture the essence of, and display a humourous take on, the topic at hand.
        Sports games are usually (in my experience) completely horrible, and frequently outdated.

        As said above, I'll stick with Starcraft 2. At least until Halo: Reach comes out.

          NHL 10 was one of the best games I played last year. It was fantastic and as far from horrible as you can get.

          It was the first sports game that I'd played since Cricket 97, and was one of the only games I've payed full price for and felt I was getting value for money out of.

          That being said, played Madden for about 5mins and had no clue as to what I was doing.....think I'm just gonna stick to the Hockey this year

    I wouldn't mind checking out the scott pilgrim game because of my penchant for old school brawlers like tmnt and river city, but as i have no ps3, i'll wait for the 360 version.

    Scott Pilgrim FTW!!! I can't wait to play it!!

    Meanwhile, are you joking when you say "The 11th edition of madden"? Because it's more like the 20th...

    Despite the fact that NFL isn't huge over here, it is definitely getting a pretty strong following. One HD have plenty of games each week during the NFL season, and Madden is always a polished sports game that sets the benchmark for other sports titles.

    As for level of understanding about the sport, I'd have to say that it really makes more sense to me than AFL. At least NFL has set plays and formations, AFL just looks like a bunch of guys running around in circles trying to kick a ball through some sticks. If only NRL was more popular worldwide, then we could get a decent game made by a big development team at EA!

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