There Could Be Another Valkyria Game

PlayStation 3 game Valkyria Chronicles, Sega's fictional version of World War II, got a sequel on the PSP. It might be getting another sequel.

A website has apparently be registered by Sega Japan on March 31. Previously, and were registered.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 has not yet been officially revealed. The series has been spun off to a manga, an anime and countless figurines, so a sequel would certainly seem logical.

Kotaku is following up with Sega.

調査結果 [Aguse]


    Please be on PS3... I love Valkyria Chronicles but sadly I'll have to pass on number two due to the system switch.

      Agreed there.
      Here's hoping we'll also go back to a cast of adults for this one. Just knowing that half of VC2's cast are teenagers is worrying me about how the plot's going to turn out.

      Ditto. Oh please please please be on ps3 :(
      (and while your at it, please please please make the dialogue just a little less corny)

    I hate system switching myself. They really should quit doing that. Just like the MGS series.

    stick to one console please

    I loved the original Valkyria Chronicles. I am currently eagerly awaiting the 2nd for Valkyria Chronicles II. A third one would be most welcomed. :D As Steve said above, I hope it is on the PS3... well, not that I have anything against the PSP. Playing on the go is cool. :)


    Valkyria Chronicles 1 was my first game on PS3, and it has ruined my expectations of all others. It's one of those games. A sequel? On the PS3? Dare I hope?

    ...oh my god. I'm turning into a fanboy.


    Yeah I think it's a massive shame the sequel left the PS3.

    Is this Sony's attempt to shift a franchise in the hope that fans of the PS3 title might add a PSP to their console lineup?

    Valkyria Chronicles was the game that made me realise how Jaded I had become, at the same time crushing that bored cynicism with its sheer quality and (somewhat) unique game-play. I am horribly disappointed about 2, and have also heard that the story suffers 'pandering', with a slight tendancy towards schoolgirlism.

    Nonetheless, the prospect of 3 has triggered the sudden presence of cash in my wallet and a hole in my rent payments.

    Also, my apologies for the double post (unless this gets edited together), but I suspect the reason the game jumped to the PSP may have more of a financial motive for the developer than a cross-marketing one for Sony.

    Outside Japan, Valkyria Chronicles was critically acclaimed but quite slow to sell. Developing a PSP title is almost unimaginably cheaper than developing for the Playstation 3, whilst still accessing a good player base in Japan where it sold best the first time around.

      I remember reading somewhere about the Devs saying if VC2 was released on PS3 the production will take 1 year longer than when it was released. So most likely financial concerns I'd say.

    This will be one game I'll be interested in picking up. I just hope that they've fixed the difficulty curve that was prevalent in the first. Going from slightly easy to insanely difficult was almost the thing that turned me off VC.

    And to be honest, the switch to PSP didn't faze me. Unfortunately, the English dubbing being the only soundtrack was a big turn off so I had to give this one a miss.

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