There's A Few More Than 1-UP In This One

This is supposed to be a Mario from every game he's ever been in, but predictably, there are a few missing. Can you name them? By kaycircle, as seen on Go Nintendo.


    hmm... I can't see Mario with F.L.U.D.D. anywhere...

      he's there.. just a bit below and left of centre

        It's got mario kart there, so dunno if it's just a technicality, but baby mario in his car/pram isn't there

    I don't see his appearance in Ocarina of Time there.

    Can't see any SSBB or Sunshine Mario's in there

    Where's Mario Hotel Mario? He's the most memorable incarnation! Nah kidding, but seriously where is he?

    Brawl is bottom middlish, Sunshine has been pointed out.

    No sign of Bob Hoskins at all...

    His ice sculpture incarnation from 1080ยบ Avalanche isn't there.

    The Mario Kart arcade games? Normal mario from the Mario vs DK games? There's also only one clockwork mario; there have been several in the series. I also don't see Jumpman, but that just might be me.

    Can't find his SSBM incarnation anywhere in this picture.

    The Mario from the movie, or the tv series (the fat dude who sang "do the mario - swing your arms from side to side" or whatever that was.

    Paper Mario? dun see him either. or Mario Paint mario....

      Damn, I was just about to say that! (movie mario)

    there missing ron jeramy mario

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