There's A Little Worms In Team Fortress 2

To celebrate the launch of Worms Reloaded, Valve will be handing out the game's trademark Holy Hand Grenades to anyone buying the game on Steam. Sadly, they're just for show.


    isnt the holy hand grendade in worms just a reference to the holy hand grenade in monty python anyway?

    Very interesting, when TF2 was first released I described it to everyone I knew as "Team Fortress meets Worms".

    Today, I look back most satisfied with that description.

    This right here?

    This is awesome.

    I love how every timer in Worms is variable for each weapon except for the Holy Hand Grenade.

    The iconic 'Hallelujah' sound file was also included in the latest patch, but so far I haven't figured out how to activate it. Neither taunting with the buff banner equipped (where he juggles his grenades) or the equalizer (where he blows himself up with a grenade) triggers the sound file. Perhaps it's only if you successfully score a kill with the equalizer taunt?

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