These People Are Playing Metroid: Other M Next Week

Yesterday we offered you the chance to come along to a special sneak preview of Metroid: Other M in Sydney next week. Here are the five lucky people.

When choosing the five candidates, I was looking for two things. Bearing in mind that all five would be offered the opportunity to write up their impressions of the game, first of all I wanted evidence that you could string a sentence together; most of you managed to do this!

Secondly, I wanted a mix of perspectives because that would make for more interesting reading; again, you delivered. (Although I didn't get anyone saying they hated Metroid, which was a little disappointing.)

So, congratulations to:

Zwa - the virgin Samuel Webster - the newcomer Michael - the freakish expert Steve - the veteran Rion - the writer

They (and a friend each) will all be getting hands-on time with Metroid: Other M next Thursday. Look out for their impressions the week after.


    Woohoo! Thanks a bunch Dave :) Will you be there at the event too?

    And I'm not *that* freakish :P I admit to never having played the original Metroid or any of the portable games aside from Metroid II. Though granted, I was obsessed enough to write an FAQ for Corruption.

    Congrats guys. Looking forward to reading your impressions.

    well done guys. pls mention samus’ movement speed relative to other metroids, clunkiness of transition between two modes, and quantity of synth in the soundtrack!

    I should have just skipped my uni lecture and tried to win a ticket to this. Oh well, next time. Metroid to me means persistence. Back in the Super Metroid days of SNES I was stuck on a particular part of the game for months. I had no idea how to advance onto the underwater world of Maridia (you have to use a powerbomb in that glass tunnel) Anyway, I tried everything. And the lack of online guides meant I had to rack my brain until one day a light bulb appeared above my head and I finally figured it out. I haven’t played any Metroid games since. That experience left me scarred for life.

    Oh yeah, should I expect an email with all of the details at some point?

      Any moment now.

    Congrats guys, enjoy every minute of it :D
    Can't wait to hear what it was like.

    Woo thanks :)If anyone has any other questions besides als, ill try and make sure to note the answer for you as well.

    Wow...The writer?? I'm not sure what that means, but allow me ego to inflate with my own made-up connotations.


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