These People Are Playing Metroid: Other M Next Week

These People Are Playing Metroid: Other M Next Week

Yesterday we offered you the chance to come along to a special sneak preview of Metroid: Other M in Sydney next week. Here are the five lucky people.

When choosing the five candidates, I was looking for two things. Bearing in mind that all five would be offered the opportunity to write up their impressions of the game, first of all I wanted evidence that you could string a sentence together; most of you managed to do this!

Secondly, I wanted a mix of perspectives because that would make for more interesting reading; again, you delivered. (Although I didn’t get anyone saying they hated Metroid, which was a little disappointing.)

So, congratulations to:

Zwa – the virgin Samuel Webster – the newcomer Michael – the freakish expert Steve – the veteran Rion – the writer

They (and a friend each) will all be getting hands-on time with Metroid: Other M next Thursday. Look out for their impressions the week after.


  • Woohoo! Thanks a bunch Dave 🙂 Will you be there at the event too?

    And I’m not *that* freakish 😛 I admit to never having played the original Metroid or any of the portable games aside from Metroid II. Though granted, I was obsessed enough to write an FAQ for Corruption.

  • well done guys. pls mention samus’ movement speed relative to other metroids, clunkiness of transition between two modes, and quantity of synth in the soundtrack!

  • I should have just skipped my uni lecture and tried to win a ticket to this. Oh well, next time. Metroid to me means persistence. Back in the Super Metroid days of SNES I was stuck on a particular part of the game for months. I had no idea how to advance onto the underwater world of Maridia (you have to use a powerbomb in that glass tunnel) Anyway, I tried everything. And the lack of online guides meant I had to rack my brain until one day a light bulb appeared above my head and I finally figured it out. I haven’t played any Metroid games since. That experience left me scarred for life.

  • Wow…The writer?? I’m not sure what that means, but allow me ego to inflate with my own made-up connotations.


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