Thinking Of Studying Video Games Next Year?

Then perhaps you're thinking of enrolling at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. What luck, then, that the AIE is hosting an open day at its Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra campuses this weekend.

Doors open from 10am to 3pm on Sunday, August 22. Prospective students can wander in, check the place out, chat to teachers and current and former students, pictured, and even take a look at a range of games and animation projects developed at the college.

The AIE specialises in games programming, 3D animation and visual effects. For more info, hit the link below.

August 22nd Open Day [AIE]


    I am extremely annoyed that there basically isnt anything like this in south australia. The closest to me is a game graphics course at a tafe 1 and a half hours away and No im not out in the country. Its disgraceful.

      When I went to the AIE 6 years ago I had to choose between moving from Geelong to Canberra or nothing. It's obviously not what you want to do or you'd be making an effort. Like every other UNI student, you're going to have to pursue your dream instead of waiting for it to fall into your lap.

        Got to be realistic mate. Lots of people want to do this. Probably people with a better chance and thats saying something for Australias small gaming industry. I work a casual job. Not enough time left or money to do 3 hours driving out of town everyday for a course, let alone move to another state for it.

          I moved 500km to go to Uni (one year before gaming degrees existed).
          It is not that unrealistic!

          Absolutely no disrespect intended Michael, but Kerber is completely right. It actually happens to more people than you probably realize... one day you simply have to make drastic changes for the things you want, or you go insane thinking about it and complaining about what opportunities you dont have. Harsh but true.

          Im talking from experience here.

            No, I understand. I appreciate the encouragement!

      there is something like this in South Australia mate but it is through TAFE SA i have signed up to the 2011 courses there open now.

      You just need to apply, the main thing they worry about is a portfolio that you have to put together if you get the letter saying you have got to the next stage if you wow them with your art and what not then you will most likely be granted a spot in the course.

      Here is another link to there youtube video that shows you what they do:

      hope that helped a little.


    Well i was thinking of heading back to school next year, but i'm completely undecided of what i want to get into... this could very well help :)

    ...that picture makes me want to go all the more! lol

    I wonder what they could offer someone who works 8:30am to 5:30pm Mon-Fri but has a passion for 3D animation.


      At AIE there are a number of night courses available, but i only know of these happening at my campus (Sydney). It would never hurt to ask!

      And also, the picture is from the AIE dress-up day. Yeah, we have those ^_^

    I'm going to QANTM next year. I've done all my research and it just seems so much better than AIE. I know a guy who studied at QANTM and now he's working on LA Noir at Rockstar Bondi.

    Can't wait.

      I'm also looking at quantum, though I'm also looking at engineering. If I go, I'll be after the Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment (Major in Animation). One entry requirement is a "pass in senior english'... I'm unable to find out what this is - just passing any level of English at the senior Level? Is it another term for Advanced English? Or is it a course you take outside of the HSC?

      One problem I have with studying games is that I dislike the trend by western developers to create games with very similar themes and gameplay styles... I know it's what the market wants, but I preffer variety.

    Hey pal! you get a load of the nerd?"

    - Homer Simpson

    University of Ballarat, 2nd year games student, leading a project team of 5 next year to make an XBLA game. You don't need to go to a school specializing in the stuff to get these opportunities, you just need to put in the hard yards and talk too the right people


    As a current student at AIE Melbourne, I'd definitely encourage anyone interested at all to come along. It's a great place, awesome staff, and they're constantly looking at ways to improve things. We second year students are currently working on our six-month projects that started back in June. Things are coming along nicely, so maybe you'll be able to see some of our work-in-progress games.

    But you know, it'd be nice if they told us about this sort of thing. >.>

    AIE is the best Australia has to offer in terms of game education, which is really sad.

    The time line of the courses is rushed. They don't give you a solid understanding of a given subject before rushing onto the next one, and then expect you to generate wonderful art based on the 1 week or so you get to understand the given subject.

    Loads of students in my year complained about it, and when we did, they called all of us into a meeting room, and we were essentially told to shut up and study harder.

    In one subject, 90% of the class failed to get the assignment in by the deadline because they did not give us enough time, and they want $28,000 for two years of this?

    Not worth the money.

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