This Bridget Is Probably A Girl

Bridget from fighting game Guilty Gear might look like a girl, but Bridget is not a girl. Bridget is a boy. This Bridget, this Bridget is a girl.

Maybe. Website has recently published some more cosplay pics from this summer's Wonder Festival figure event. Besides Guilty Gear, there are Monster Hunter, Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Battle Vixens, Queen's Blade and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

萌えるゴッドガンダム?武者蹴炸裂!ワンフェスコスプレ【WF2010夏レポ】 []


    so what your saying is "ITS A TRAP!!!!"

      Hey, just cause we're trans doesn't mean we're trying to trap anyone!

      Now, being /squids/... Can't trust cephalopods!

    :( Why are Japanese girls so cute? I want one!

    Umm..where's the evangellion one???

    but yes.. some very awesome (and hot) costumes there.

      The second one down...she's dressed up as one of the units, I think :)

        Nah, thats a gundam, i believe it is the girl with the glasses

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