This Is Call Of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer In Action

We know very little about the multiplayer in Call of Duty: Black Ops, except that there will be competitive multiplayer, separate co-op and, for PC gamers, dedicated servers. Any other facts or hints may be in this debut multiplayer trailer.

The end of the trailer shows an in-game screen and video capture tool. But surely that's not the only surprise in here. Call of Duty fans, what stands out for you?


    oO cool killcam at end thats lets you record your deaths
    Looks very fun!!!!!!!

    The ugly Typography/Kill Streak Icons — pick a better font and at least kern some type. F A VELLA always annoyed me... now +1 00 is going to annoy me. Transparent blood smears would fly in Zombie mode but I'm not liking it here. All I ask for is a little more attention to detail. I love the BlackOps branding! Otherwise everything else looks awesome! Except the Commando Pro style lunge and that Remote Car Mine :/

      So which graphic design company do you work for?

    oh my god i just got wood lol. remote controled bomb car!!! fully sick. im gonna like watch that video 100 times thanks

    Hey wow, this kind of looks like... MW2 MP!

      why are u guys so surprised that this looks like mw2 its cod and in the last 40 years almost no new guns have been used and warfare hasn't changed its not like comparing WWII to today

        You seem to have missed his point. It doesn't matter if warfare has changed in the last 40 years (which I'm sure it has) the fact is the game is the same. I don't care if they have to make stuff up, or if they have to move outside of the realm of total realism (not that a lot of COD stuff is all that realistic).

        It looks exactly like MW2 so what's the point in buying it? If I want to play MW I'll go back and play the copy I already own. However I got over it pretty quickly and really don't care about a few minor bells and whistles they throw on. Without any big changes to mix up gameplay a bit I'll pass.

    Just meh. Best thing is probably the video editor. Otherwise the HUD and popups look ugly, the additions (ballistic knife, RC car, crossbow) I'm not interested in, the gameplay still looks dominated by killstreaks. I can't see myself buying this anywhere near full price.

    The gameplay looks improved (especially that remote control bomb car), but this shows no details on the pain on actually getting INTO those games, any details on how the multiplayer will work on this or are they keeping it the same lame setup?

    great, we got MW2 MP with different maps.......

    Looks like i might enjoy this game (even if it is a MW2.5), because i never got to enjoy MW2 because it did not have dedicated servers for PC (that and that Steams VAC is useless :\)

    Will wait for reviews though, even though i personally enjoyed treyarchs world at war outing more then MW2, these days with all the FPS games that are coming out i will wait for the reviews.

    Omg they are including the ballistic knife nice!

    Is this is just MW2 Multiplayer with tweaks?..Cos im having de ja vu right now

    Looks exactly like Modern Warfare 2, how original Treyarch.

    Also, this games is going to be full of those bs moments that make you go WTF when you die. Especially with those throwing knives, somebody is going to become pro at it.

    Ok that looks awesome.

    Just watching that got me all in the mood to get into so hard & fast MP action :D. Almost making me want to buy those maps for MW2... need my high speed shooter hit!

    SINCE Treyarch came into the picture it hasn't been that big of deal with the COD games being almost identical.

    COD3 came around and IW moved onto Modern Warfare.
    World at War, which I believed was great! Followed after that.
    Then MW2 - although the SinglePlayer in Black Ops will be different to MW2, it seems the multiplayer, which is what people mainly buy these games for - is exactly the same.

    It has put me off a little considering I was excited for this compared to MW2. Now I'm unsure on even purchasing it considering MW2 didn't WOW me enough to play it beyond a month.

    That radar is cool but going to be VERY annoying when people use it all the time. Espec when you're crouching awaiting someone to walk in from the other room. Like in HQ etc...
    I liked it when its harder to spot the enemy. It's more of a CHALLENGE.

    I'll just try and get beta access, if they're having one, and make my decision then. I will at least play the Single Player whether hired out or borrowed off a mate. THAT I'm interested in.

    Wow, killing enemies through smoke because their name appears almost instantly when you hover over them. Yeah that's something we should put in the multiplayer trailer, I'm sure fans will think its really cool, not incredibly cheap and dumb as hell.

    that cod4 engine is starting to age

      No. It. Isn't. 0_0

      For an engine that runs at a consistent 60fps, I think it's pretty much better than everything else that's out there... plus, I think it's a pretty damn nice looking game, it looks better than BC2, and BC2 runs at half the frames.

    That looks really good to me to be honest, and I have absolutely nothing but respect for Treyarch. I know they copped a lot of flack for releasing World at War after Modern Warfare, but that was a damn good game, and I've always maintained that they were severely limited creatively because of Activision... now it seems like they're doing something that hasn't been done (Vietnam/cold war era), they're inspired and they're gonna make it work.

    The only thing interesting is the 'alive' maps and the recording feature.

    And remote cars...what?

    I enjoyed Modern Warfare, and I've already preordered my copy of Black Ops, if only to experienced Red Zombies (hopefully, considering I never bought WaW).

    Idk why u are all saying that its gonna be xsactly like mw2 multi player it may have kill streaks which is the same but i think getting 2 choose kill streaks instead of having the same 1s over and over like in WaW and cod4 there the only other cods ive played but im gonna buy this game no matter what who cares not all the guns r the same and weve probly only seen 1 tenth of the guns in the game.

    Overall i think it will be a Mw2 killer and coming from me and i almost hated world at war

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