This Is Crysis 2 Multiplayer In Action

From Germany's EA Gamescom event we got the first look of the multiplayer of next year's Crysis 2. Like what you see?


    one big sniperfest

    looks pretty decent for the 360 version :)

    Mounted machine-guns can be detached?

      it said PRESS R TO DETACH or something when he was using it, so... going to assume you can.

        Kinda what prompted me to ask...
        Anyone got any definite answers/what purpose this would serve?
        Would you just be transferring it between different mounting points or using it as a handheld turret?

          I would say probably handheld, much the same as you can do in Halo

    This game seems incredibly slow paced on console, compared to the original. Then again I can't stand watching FPS on console in general...

    The presenter is quite handsome. Oh, and the game looks nice too.

    Oh god fps on console, someone kill it quick. So very very clunky. Bring on a pc trailer

    The game looks like it would be really enjoyable to play. I can't wait to see a PC trailer.

    Adding to the "FPS on consoles" comments, did you see how many times he had to adjust his aim on that first sniper shot?

    I cringed.

      It's not that consoles are bad - it's that that guy really sucked

        It's not that consoles are bad, it's that console controllers are bad.

        I'd love to see anyone play a console shooter with autoaim disabled.

    Meh, nothing too exciting here

    This looks really, really, really. . . boring.
    Talk about a generic cookie cutter experience.

    This is why I haven't touched FPS on consoles since.. GoldenEye.. we'll except the Metroid Prime series. Bring on the PC ver.

    It will be interesting to see some Power Struggle maps based in New York. Instant Action is just vanilla Death Match which can be seen as boring in any game,unless that's what you like. This game will be killer as long as there's stat tracking unlike Crysis: Wars. It will be great if they keep the Power Struggle maps from C:W as well as 5 or so new ones then it'll be a pretty massive game that will actually keep it's fanbase beyond the initial 'I am curious about MP' people leave. So I have until March to put away some cash for GTX 460's in SLI.. seems affordable with that timeframe ;)

    What's with the console FPS hate-fest going on here?
    Way to prove yourselves as the stereotypical arrogant PC gamer.

      How about the fact they've nerfed the suit's capabilities just so those in the kiddy pool of gaming (console players), can play as well.

      The console hate is because good games get crippled so that disadvantaged console players can control them.

      It's not hate directed at people who play console games - you're welcome to them. The hate is because the once glorious PC gaming experience is handicapped by developers having to cater for the lowest common denominator - and that's console controllers. Gameplay and UI both suffer terribly for the focus on console input.

    I think the people playing the game are pre-rendered.

    I agree with Brendan, seriously? When you see a PC trailerfor a multi-platform game, console gamers don't give a hell. When it's the other way around it's all "OMG CONSOLES!!! BURN ITT!!".

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