This Is Dead Rising 2's Map

You are here. You may slay virtual zombies there. This is the official map for next month's kill-zombies-in-fake-Las-Vegas game, Dead Rising 2.

Via the official Capcom blog. Click it to enlarge it.


    enlarging link is broken :(


        Thanks 'goose! :D

        Looks pretty damn nifty to me - love how they've even included an Indian casino - i would be sorely disappointed if i can't find a bow and arrow and a tomahawk in there

    Hmmm. I was a bit worried about how the Las Vegas-esque setting would work. Dead Rising 1 worked so well because the Mall was so interconnected. Looks like they are trying to replicated a similar style here.

    It looks...bigger.

    I wonder how the 'safe house' system will work this time round.

    I didn't want to get the game because of the lack of splitscreen for co-op and, well, the apparent copying of the save system and story system of number 1 (which I hated), but this makes it looks very nice.

    Hey David, in the Case Zero build you played how did the moving between zones work? The loading screens in the first weren't a big deal for me but I'm hoping they upgraded it for Case Zero and Dead Rising 2.

      In Case Zero, the only loading screen I saw was when I moved between the safehouse and the rest of the map. Obviously the Case Zero map is a lot smaller than what you can see here. I'll be playing the full game next week, so remind me to report back then.

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