This Is How You Play Kinectimals

Many people played Kinectimals at Microsoft's gameplay day in Germany yesterday, but no one played it with as much skill or heart as our own Michael McWhertor.

Look at how much fun he is having petting that dangerous animal. Don't you wish that was you? It was all I could do to stop myself from knocking him out of the way and taking over.

But in the end, restraint proved the best course, as McWhertor finished the Kinectimals agility course with a score of 14 of 14 obstacles cleared, scoring number two in the leaderboards for the day.

Behold the Lion King.


    I wonder what would happen if you made a slapping motion...

      That is exactly what I thought before I even clicked the link...

    I wonder if they'll introduce cows to the mix! Tug tug!

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