This Is The Strategy Game Of My Dreams

Microsoft's Surface device has already shown its worth for board games, but let's not forget, it has a lot of potential for strategy games as well. Especially after you watch this video.

This program, made by the University of Massachusetts' Mark Micire, is actually intended for the real-world deployment and control of robots.

But look at that viewpoint. The "unit" selection, the waypoints, the map manipulation... it's a strategy gamers dream. Get Company of Heroes running on this thing and I'd never leave the house, dying a glorious death with my withered, mummified hands still resting on the Surface's screen when the relevant authorities found me.

Multitouch robot swarm controller [Make, via Gizmodo]


    Whoa... that's super! I want one already.

    Yeah, that is wicked cool. +10

    Not applicable to real life. A human operator will need to be operating several robot drones for this to be worthwhile, and we're not going to be seeing frontline robots for a long, long time (if ever).

    And this isn't MGS. Human soldiers aren't remotes. You can't physically force or compel them to move one way or another. A false wave of your hand and you could friendly fire on hundreds of troops.

    Why do you assume those are soldiers?
    It's just an AI and surface test.

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