This Is What Heavy Rain Looks With The PlayStation Move

Last week, Stephen Totilo told us how Heavy Rain played on the PlayStation Move. Now let's see how it looks.

I don't know if I'll be able to play Heavy Rain this way. My favourite characters from the game were Flashing Arrow and Curving Arrow Arching Back On Itself. Without them, the experience just won't me the same. T? Lower-case A? They are nothing but strangers, honing in on someone else's turf.

Heavy Rain Move Edition First Screenshots [PlayStation Blog Europe]


    Aside from L2, I have absolutely no idea what action any of those symbols are supposed to be.

    T for trigger?
    push the 'move' forward. Swing the move to the right.

    I finally got around to beating Heavy Rain the other day after owning it for months. I'm really disapointed that they decided to focus on making the game work with move instead of making new DLC.

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