This Is Why We Love GamesCom

There's lots of reasons that GamesCom, with more than 500 exhibitors from 33 countries, is our favourite video game show in the world.

Here's some of those reasons:

Photos: Koelnmesse


    Pffft what is wrong with the young people today? When I was their age I was out there vandalizing trains, beating up strangers in the street and robbing little old ladies. Now they're all just in there having a good time together, playing their "video games" on ther "NinStations" and "PlayBoxes", not a single alcoholic beverage or syringe in sight.

    Hell in a handbasket, I tells ya!

    All of those photos looked like ordinary convention pics to me. Except for the blue haired cosplay. The doll looked kinda cute... the girl looked like a serial killer.

      harsh but true

      She's cosplaying the vocaloid/virtual idol Hatsune Miku.

      Who has become a serial killer.

    That's a dude, no question.

    I wish there was a big gaming convention in Australia.

    Who's responsible for the badass Space Marine and Chaos Space Marine suits? I'd LOVE to build one of my own

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