This Looks Pretty Slick For An Indie Game

Upcoming Alpha Squad doesn't look like your typical Xbox Live indie game. That's for sure! The game features music from Stemage of Metroid Metal fame, art from Genzoman and apparently "hot chicks" that need rescuing.


    I want this just for the music. I freakin' love metroid metal!

    I honestly hate being reminded that this Indie Service isn't available in AUS.
    Honestly, it's "featureless" things like this that made me terminate my OZ LIVE subscription.


    ohhh yes this looks good.
    I will 100% download it day 1.

    If it is good I will buy it.

    Go on ebay buy US Microsoft points, make sure the person will email you the code and doesn't have hidden fees.

    Set up a silver US account, look up a business for address details.

    That's it.

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