This Man Will Be In Saints Row 3

Earlier this month, Saints Row 3 writer Steve Jaros contacted Kotaku about a Saints Row 3 auction for a good cause. And US$1,700 later, a winner has been decided.

That winner is Cheapy D from A big fan of the Saints Row series, Cheapy was also motivated to bid due to his desire to support gaming-related charities. "Gamers and gaming sometimes gets a bad rap," Cheapy tells Kotaku, "so when we come together and work on something charitable, we all look, and feel, good!"

Cheapy set a budget of $US2,000 to win the voice acting role in Saints Row 3. "Although I was pretty confident I would be able to win with my initial budget, in the heat of the moment I might have spent up to $US3,000," he says. "After all, all the money goes to a great cause."

For a guy named Cheapy, "cheapy" is the last thing Cheapy is. Whether it be sumo or just hanging out, I've always been impressed how generous he is.

According to Cheapy, his family is jazzed about how the auction turned out — but he says that they're probably happier about the charity angle than the Saints Row 3 one.

And what does he have to look forward to? Jaros tells Kotaku that he'll probably send Cheapy a questionnaire to pinpoint things such as likes/dislikes and find out whether Cheapy is comfortable with swearing. "Then he'll be reading about 200 lines or so," adds Jaros, "plus screaming like he's been shot."



    $1700 US?!?!?! I'll throw in a left testicle to be in SR3!

      I can see it already, Zombie Cheapy D! Fits well with Zombie Lin and Zombie Carlos!

    There you go!
    Now we'll have another Scott Alexander-inspired character!

    Does Brucie Kibbutz not enough for us all?

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