This Move Shooting Game Ad Is A Bit Much

But that's okay! Here is a promotional video for an upcoming "Big 3 Gun Shooting" bundle for Japan. Stick with the clip. It gets comic book crazy.


    Love time crisis, but I'll be dammed if i ever buy a second set of Wiimotes for it! Ad was funny

    What just happened?

    Big 3 Gun Shooting!

    That was pretty cool in a daggy way. But why did the Pirate game have PS1 graphics?

    Shooting with a Wii-mote sucked, I shall assume the same for the Move.

    Shooting with a Wii-mote in the gun from the Bang Bang Box edition of House of the Dead Overkill was awesome. I shall assume the same for the Move.

      OK obviously the Move won't fit in the Gun from House of the Dead overkill. But when somebody makes a good gun frame for the move shooting games will be awesome on it.

        Actually shooting from the Wii remote was the only way it worked. It would never line up properly using any gun attachments. Even the house of the dead guns did not line up.

        The Move has to fix these issues otherwise it is just exactly the same as the Wii.

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