THQ Back In The Business Of Losing Money, May Drop Annual UFC Games

After a long, money and talent bleeding period, publisher THQ had a pretty damn good last year. The Darksiders and Red Faction maker thanked UFC Undisputed and Red Faction for that. This year is not off to the same great start.

THQ lost $US30.1 million this past quarter, thanks to slower sales of this year's UFC beat 'em up and a lack of a big Red Faction release. THQ chief exec Brian Farrell blamed "the competitive window" in which UFC Undisputed 2010 was released for its failure to "capture the broader gaming population".

To wit, Farrell and crew say they're planning on slowing down the UFC Undisputed cycle, possibly moving away from the 12-month-long development cycle. "We're considering a longer development cycle - 15, 18, 21 months, rather than annually," Farrell said during an investor call. The video game maker also plans to work with the UFC to make sure that "we're aligned with their plans" as well.

That said, THQ will still have a UFC title on the cards for its next fiscal year, which ends March 2012. "The question is timing," Farrell said. "That depends on the scope of the game, the window and how we want to release the game."

THQ still has two Ultimate Fighting Championship licensed games planned for this year, with UFC Undisputed 2010 for the PSP hitting in September and UFC Fitness Trainer for Kinect and PlayStation Move hitting later. It also has Red Faction: Armageddon on its plate for March 2011, so this year could eventually turn around.


    A wrestling game couldn't be any more unappealing to me. Would love to hear from fellow Kotaku'ers re what they ge tout of these games, to help me understand the appeal.

      i believe UFC is a little more than just plain old wrestling, but to answer your question of what the appeal to games like this are, i would first have to ask some of my own: do you like wrestling? do you wrestle? are you invoved in martial arts and/or combat training of any type? surely answering yes to any of these would make this game appeal to you don't you think?

      i play and enjoy UFC because i not only follow the sport, but am actively invovled in MMA. foe me, that is the appeal. just another way to enjoy the sport i love. whether that basis alone is enough to keep the game afloat financially is another story.

        Oh great, thanks lecks - good answer! I guess I didn't think there would be enough 'wrestling' fans (excuse my laymans term) to support the franchise, as you note, but perhaps thats why they are looking at going for one every 2 years.

        Thanks again for your insights.

    Thats a shame cause UFC 2010 is a great game. I was surprised I enjoyed it. I feel like going to go buy it to support them!
    It would be a bad thing to see THQ walk out or get sold to someone.

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