Three Men Killed Over Xbox 360 Theft

Marcus Donté Reed believed that three brothers had stolen his Xbox 360. So he went to their house with an "assault weapon" and shot them all dead.

Donté Reed, aged 33, drove to the Caddo, Louisiana home of the three Adams brothers on Monday night, hid in the woods near their home then gunned them down in their car when they arrived home. He believed that the brothers - 20 year-old Jerimiah, 18 year-old Jarquis and 13 year-old Jean - had broken into the home of his girlfriend earlier that day and stolen his Xbox 360, though he did not report the crime and there is no evidence (as of yet) to suggest the three were involved.

Donté Reed has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder.

Three brothers killed over XBox 360 [shreveporttimes] [image credit]


    WTF? So he would go to jail for a 300 buck toy? What an idiot.

    How very sad.

    Only in America.

    Ummm...So why does a mentally unstable civilian have an Assault rifle, oh that's right it's his constitutional right. But hey, if the Osama and Fidel join forces with China and Russia to invade, everyone will be ready.

      I was thinking the same thing. The important thing here, is that it was clearly premeditated and as such should be punished to the full extent of the law.

    "WTF? So he would go to jail for a 300 buck toy? What an idiot."

    "Only in America"

    If it had happened here in AUS he'd probably get 3 years fully suspend due to psychiatric problems. I mean he DOES play video games right!?

    The fact it's an XBox 360, is that really relevant? If it had been a 300$ pair of sunglasses the article wouldn't even have mentioned them. It would of been titled "3 men killed over 300$" and that's IF it had of even seen print.

    Sensationalism is rife in media these days, and it's enough to make me cringe.

    Sounds like he'll be getting his XBox, 360'd... IN JAIL AMIRITE AMIRITE?!?!

    Theft... *puts on sunglasses* is no game.


      No, not really.

    he'll certainly be getting a red ring now

    You know, I'm really SERIOUSLY starting to wonder whether we haven't actually be wrong all along and games DO actually make you into a psychoic killer? Not everyone of course, but there seem to be WAY too many stories these days about headcases killing people over games.

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