Three Minutes Of Zealotry In Halo: Reach

Three maps, not part of the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta, were recently confirmed. We saw Reflection on Friday. Here's Zealot, which has low-gravity features that seem very useful for... jumping right into a melee to the face.

There's a gravity lift at the centre of the map (should be a popular camping spot, hm?) You see this guy do it three times before finally getting taken down. He's a beast with the elbows - and the Designated Marksman too. More skills than I'll ever have, for sure. We also see the futility of armour lock with anyone standing around. He gets, like, three kills that way.

Unfortunately, though, we don't get to see the low-gravity exterior of this map, hinted at in some screenshots released last week. Wonder how that will do for elbows to the face.


    I want to play now. ;_;

    Lol. You get to see the hologram in action near the end, when the camera/player attempts to grenade a hologram.

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