Time Crisis: The Unofficial Action Movie

If Time Crisis rules existed in a real gun fight, ammo would never be a concern, only red bullets would be required to dodged and anything speedier than a semi-automatic pistol would seem like a waste.

Or so goes the latest Freddie "I Use An Aimbot" Wong action-adventure shoot 'em up, in which some of Time Crisis' tropes are put to use in the real world. The only thing that appears to be missing are the step plates needed for ducking behind crates and SUVs.

What this latest Wong joint does have is a cameo from Andy "Spartacus" Whitfield, who might just fit the Time Crisis hero mould.


    If only Time Crisis had like this movie.

      Did I really write that? Gees I MUST be tired. What I meant to say was; If only Time Crisis had blood like this movie does.

      If only there was a movie =P

    The rampant 2-handed trigger flicking is pretty accurate to the game though.

    The videos that this guy produces is amazing, Frozen Crossing, Flower Warfare and this. He even got Andy Whitfield who is an AUSSIE!

      Forgot to mention Aimbot too. It's true to MW2 hacking in every single way :)

    That was so good, I love how they shot off screen to reload XD

    oh my, past midnight and I'm laughing manically.

    That was awesome one of the best short fils I have ever seen, genuinely funny.
    Very well done, please do some more say Chase HQ for instance would be good.

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