Today’s Red Dead Redemption Title Update Is The Cure For What Ails You

Today’s Red Dead Redemption Title Update Is The Cure For What Ails You

Are you tired of no-good dirty griefers? Unable to recover from your drunken stupor? Do sliding doors attach themselves to your head? Rockstar has just released the Red Dead Redemption title update that will cure these horrific ailments and more.

As promised back on July 21, Rockstar has released Red Dead Redemption title update 1.03, addressing the problem of griefers ruining your Multiplayer Free Roam fun, placing a bounty on the head of any player who stacks up six kills without dying, while giving players killed three times in a row the option to respawn somewhere else.

The update also addresses a few technical issues, giving players the ability to swap shoulder buttons, save the game with singleplayer cheats turned on, making sure downloadable outfits appear in the Change Outfits menu and making sure invincibility doesn’t turn off when Dead Eye turns on.

The most entertaining fixes are ones that point out some of the sillier bugs in the game. These include:

• Occasionally, the player would not recover from being drunk.
• It was possible to have two-player horses, with one permanently following the player.
• If equipped with the bandanna, sliding doors would temporarily attach to the player’s head.

No really, sliding doors would attach to your head. Just look:

I’m going to miss that particular brand of unintentional comedy.

Check out Rockstar’s page for a full list of issues addressed in title update 1.03.

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