Toonstruck Gets A Sequel After 14 Years?

Well, maybe! If there are enough Toonstruck fans out there who want it, says one of the comic adventure's creators, a very belated sequel may well be on its way.

Toonstruck was a point-and-click adventure from the mid '90s. It starred comic actor Christopher Lloyd as a man trapped in a cartoon world. It was very good and occasionally funny.

Yet it tanked at retail. In fact, given how much money it cost to make, Toonstruck is regarded as one of the biggest bombs of all time.

However, Keith Arem, one of the original creators and holder of the Toonstruck IP, is looking at re-releasing the game and an entire sequel's worth of content cut from the original release.

"Now that my career has developed, I would like to re-release an updated version of Toonstruck to include the 2nd half of the game (iPad, online, etc), but I would need tremendous fan support to justify its release," Arem is quoted as saying.

Right now, there's an online petition, a Facebook group and a twitter account all dedicated to getting this Toonstruck project off the ground.

Adventure game fans? You know what you must do.

Toonstruck 2 It's up to you! [Australian Gamer]


    Signed that petition a week or so ago :D
    Yay for adventure games!


    I had totally forgotten about this game... I would definitely buy a sequel.

    Still one of my favourite adventure games, behind the monkey islands, full throttle and the Pandora Directive.
    I may be considered part of the reason it failed as, in my youth, I couldn't afford to buy it and borrowed from a friend.
    A game ahead of its time.


    I absolutely loved Toonstruck! If we can get a new revamped version out, I'd do whatever it takes!! XD

    Toonstruck! YES!!!

    I'm sure Chris and Dan would love to follow this up (even though I'm sure Lloyd was sick of green screen eventually).

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