Torchlight II Reminds Us Why It Has Returned

PC role-playing game Torchlight is back. There is a reason why. This trailer tells you that reason. Would you like to know? Then watch this!

Developed by Runic Games, the fantasy title will be out in the first half of 2011.


    i wonder if this is thier way of saying they've given up on the MMO aspect ther were originally working for

      nope, they are still working on their mmo esque torchlight.

    Yes, please. Gotta love it when Developers listen.

    I like single player games. Some of us don't have on-line friends, or can't organise and commit to chunks of co-op time. I hope they don't take away from the fun single player game too much.

      Casey, you should be able to play it in SP just fine. If it works anything like Diablo did, the world will dynamically adjust monster difficulty depending on the amount of players in the game. I assume the SP of this game will play out very similarly to the first one, so fret not!

    I had two complaints. They seem to have fixed one of those. But the more important one was the difficulty.
    Everyone I know ended up getting bored with the first game because it was just way too easy, even on the harder difficulties.

    Looks like this can tide me over until Diablo 3 comes out. Even if it takes another couple of years, I'm sure Torchlight 2 with multiplayer will be that good.

      I didn't think it could happen but I think this game will be better than Diablo III. I'm just not seeing anything to be excited about coming on Blizzard's end... the standard is high and they aren't meeting it atm.

      Torchlight was an incredible single player game, adding multi player and allowing the exploration of the outside world really steps up their game.

    Hmmm. Not overly impressed at the moment. The graphics and gameplay look almost identical to the first Torchlight, it looks like they've literally taken that game and added MP to it. I'll have to wait this one out a bit, to see what other new features they've added, but either way i'll probably still buy it, as I loved the first one!

      Seems good for $5 though, am I right?

        Heck yeah! I picked it up during the $5 sale as well!

        I remember my friend bought it when they cut it down to $10, and then the VERY NEXT DAY it was down to $5... he was kicking himself!

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