Toy Story 4 Looks Incredible

I'm amazed it's taken this long for someone to think of it. By Simon Chong.


    That is some epic win right there!

    Cool image, I raged due to Marston though, worst protagonist around at the moment.

      Oh shut up. Marston bleeds character and sweats depth. Go back to your cave.

        If character and depth meant boring as all hell and a gigantic pussy to boot.

        "Hey, that guy is trying to fight me for some reason as a cowboy i should go over there and calm him down with some kind words and perhaps some scented oils."

        No matter how big of a badass you were during free-roam, you were always a pansy in the missions.

          Well dont worry, Gears of Wars 3 comes out soon, so you can enjoy your 'roided up neckless brute "heroes" with the character of a teaspoon.

            character depth*

      Yuk! We have a Team Niko on our hands people!

      This is so smart.
      2 characters from the best 2 games so far in 2010 in the best animated film and one of the best films of 2010.


    You know what, this is one in game content I would actually pay for.

    Waits for 'Red Mass: The Dead Redeposition Effect" to be announced.

    itd be like alien verse predator, but good.

    you could mix them together and get jim raynor!

      EPIC! :)

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