Toys 'R Us Outs Epic Mickey Collector's Edition

Toys 'R Us is currently listing an Epic Mickey Collector's Edition that delivers a bunch of swag for $US69.99. Interestingly, it gives Nov. 15 as an estimated shipping date.

The latest info I've seen just gave Epic Mickey a North American release sometime in the fourth quarter of the year. Nov. 15 is a Monday. This could be a placeholder date, and it's a retailer listing, so I would take that as confirmation of nothing.

The good stuff you probably can count on from the special edition, in addition to the game and a big box to hold it all: a 5-inch Epic Mickey Figure, in vinyl; a special edition DVD with behind-the-scenes footage; a Wiimote faceplate and two skins for the console.

Disney Epic Mickey Collector's Edition for Nintendo Wii [Toys 'R Us, via PlayStation Informer]


    Meh, Meh and Meh...

    The console skin thing is a cool idea, but i don't even see my Wii (let alone the sides) so it's pretty useless... also i HATE faceplates for controlers..

    This game would have been the PERFECT excuse for an absolutely KICKASS MASSIVE hardback art book... but instead it's a box full of meh...

    I'll be interested to see whats on offer for the Aussies...

    No Mickey ears = fail.

      I was expecting them after the look of the box too!!

      Get one of those sonic hats instead *shudders*

    The figurine looks pretty cool, not that big of a fan of the console skins. I saw a while ago a Wiimote peripheral that made your wiimote look like a paintbrush. I initially thought it would be for the Epic Mickey collector's edition, guess I was wrong? Won't use the console skins anyway, as my Wii has been signed by Charles Martinet (The voice of Mario)

    I Agree with Chuloopa too, this game NEEDS an art book!

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