Trade Games For Food In The U.K.

It sounds like a U.N. relief program for starving gamers, but it's not. The U.K. supermarket chain Tesco has expanded a pilot used-games trade-in to 60 stores. Store credit can be used for anything, food included.

MCV reports that Tesco print advertisements now tout the trade-in at participating stores nationwide. Used games featured in the ad fetch between £12 for 2010 FIFA World Cup and £19 for Red Dead Redemption. For purposes of comparison, a can of spotted dick is 98p.

For U.S. readers, "supermarket" means quite a different store in Europe than it does in the U.S. There it means something akin to a super Walmart with a full-service grocery, not the local Piggly Wiggly. These outfits also have electronics and entertainment departments.

That said, I don't see any GameStops selling ground beef and Stove Top.

Tesco does have a U.S. presence, as the grocery-convenience store chain Fresh & Easy. This program isn't applicable there.

MCV notes that Tesco began testing its used-games service late last year, then expanded it earlier this year. Rival supermarket Asda has also opened a games trade-in trial.

Tesco Trade Ins Go National [MCV via Game Politics Image via Wikipedia.]


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