Treating Starcraft Addiction With Anti-Smoking Drugs

Starcraft is big in Korea, but for some it can be too big, and they developer a serious addiction to the game. Ah well. Nothing some hard drugs can't cure!

A study at the Department of Psychiatry at Chung Ang University has found that those "suffering" from a video game addiction - in this particular case, Starcraft - can be treated with heavy doses of Bupropion, which while being a potent antidepressant is also used in attempts to wean people off cigarettes.

Eleven Starcraft addicts were selected as a sample group, and after six weeks of treatment their desire to play the game had gone down by 23.6%, while the total amount of time they'd spent playing the game had gone down by 35.5 percent.

Impressive results, but let's see how it performs on Advance Wars and World of Warcraft before breaking out the champagne.

Treating Starcraft addiction with antidepressants [Wired]


    They can developer bad grammars too

    Since when has Advance Wars been brought up as a major source of gaming addiction?

    If this can break WoW addiction I'm going to do the uncomfortable, "Hey, haven't heard from you in 3 years, good to hear you're still alive," routine and crack the old intervention kit.

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