True Crime: Hong Kong Exported To 2011

Activision did its part to thin the typically obese Christmas release schedule today, delaying True Crime: Hong Kong to next year. Originally planned for release in November, the PS3, PC and Xbox 360 game will hit in 2011. Why?

According to Activision, the delay was granted "in order to give the development team more time to deliver the high-quality entertainment experience they envision for the game".

The silver lining here is that the next True Crime game won't have a serious impact on Activision's earnings. It still expects to rake in $US4.2 billion in revenue this year, in part due "to an increase in its expectations for the Call of Duty brand in the fourth quarter", even without United Front Games' revival of the True Crime franchise.


    The demos I had seen had be confused with the game. It doesn't look that appealing but this was a while ago and though I'd give it time.

    However - KNOWING that Activision are responsible for this means I won't be getting it.
    They're good for ONE thing - making up my mind on getting a game or not.

    This game sounded waaaaay more interesting when it was a new IP starring a female character modeled on Lucy Liu.

    Till the marketing people Actinazis painted it with a great big blue brush of 'broader market appeal'. And made it another part of a franchise nobody liked.

    Up yours Activision.

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