Two More Join Cast Of Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Capcom today revealed two more characters due for inclusion in upcoming brawler Marvel vs Capcom 3. One is a Capcom stalwart, the other, a Marvel villain that's not exactly a household name.

Marvel baddie first, and it's Dormammu, the flaming-head tyrant. The Capcom challenger is pint-sized VIewtiful Joe, who made his debut on the GameCube in 2003.


    This game is actually looking very impressive (visually). I never really played MvC2, but a lot of my friends that are huge fighting game nuts tell me it was imbalanced as all hell. Here's hoping they fix the balance on this, as it looks like it could be great fun!

    d'oh, i thought it was loki

    so sexy!

    Oh awesome, it's the evil emperor Zurg!

    For those who don't know, Dormammu was the main villian against Dr. Strange, The Sorcerer Supreme.

    One of the worst kept secrets ever. Here's hoping the next character reveals are actually a surprise.

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