Vanquish Demo Hits PlayStation Network And Xbox Live

The demo for upcoming third person shooter Vanquish has hit PSN and Xbox Live. You can download it. Yes, you can!


    Quite keen to try this, how big is the demo?

    "has hit"?

    I just checked the AU and US stores, its not there :(

    I just checked, I ain't seeing it :s

    How big are we talking?

    ahhhh ............where ? just checked both U.S and AU stores .

    Amazing news.. but cant find in sections new arrivals/ all game demos in xbox live

    This must be a message from the future.
    It's not on US or Aus PSN, yet.
    US tmw I bet, Aus on Friday as always.

    Lies, I can't find it!

    I can't wait to try it. I've been thinking about pre ordering. GAME online has it the cheapest so far at $79, so in half an hours time they might be a little richer xD

      OzGameShop have it for $59, so yeah. Free shipping as well.

    Doesn't seem to be on the AU PSN.

    This comes out on August 31st. Even though its this date in Aus. Maybe it's set for a release according to America's time? So I'm guessing you can expect it in a few hours

    Scratch my last comment. I just read that Aussi gamers are getting it on Thursday September 2nd according to Joystiq.

    Brian Ashcraft is based in Japan, I'd imagine this means it's on the JP stores...

    its on the US store right now

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