Video Shows Gran Turismo 5 Has Painfully Slow Load Times [Correction]

The realistic driving simulator isn't out until this November. Heck, the game isn't even finished. But a video of a recent demo shows sluggish loading times.

According to this video of a Nurburgring demo, GT5 takes over a minute and a half to load. This video was filmed by French GT5 site GT5rs. Note: These demo load times have not been directly confirmed by Kotaku.

If GT5 does in fact suffer from long load times, all is not lost! With a couple months left and GT developer Polyphony Digital still hard at work, there is hope that these horribly long load times can be significantly reduced. Hope, people, hope.

Update: Some readers have pointed out that this video may be slowed to give the appearance of longer load times. Make of it what you will!

Update 2: We asked Sony about the theories that the video has been doctored to show slower load times. A spokesperson told us that no one on the GT5 product team in the U.S. had witnessed load times as slow as the one depicted in the video posted here. Has the video been altered? Was there something up with that build of GT5 that day? Does the game load its tracks that slowly? We can point to this video, cited by readers, of another pre-release version of the game loading the Nurburgring track more quickly.

Update 3: As can be seen in the embed, the creators of the video now say that the clip was slowed down. Scrutinizing the timer that appears in the driving part of the clip, we agree that the video appears to be slowed down and is not running at full speed. We apologize for any confusion or consternation caused by our mistake.

『グランツーリスモ5』最新デモ映像、ロードが長すぎ!? [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]


    The Nurburgring is perhaps five times larger than most other tracks. Even if it really is this bad, it probably won't be anywhere near as excruciating for most other tracks.

    holy crap... if they don't fix this... i'm not buying it... i traded in other games for the same reason

    that isnt too bad it takes around 1min+ to load a mission in GTAIV

      If it takes you 1 minute to load a mission in GTA 4, there's something wrong with your Xbox/PS3/PC. It takes me on average 5 seconds to load a mission.

    Its probably just a development copy used although GT5 has a lot of detail it has to load so people should expect long load times but they could release a patch later with quicker load times.

    Look at it this way. How long would it take your average gamer to purchase a high-performance vehicle, undergo the necessary training, and hire out a world-class race track? A minute and a half doesn't sound so bad when you put it into perspective.

      Its a video game. Its SUPPOSED to be instant?

    Long to make, long to load, long to play, long over it :(

    Please dont say its so!

    It still take 5 times longer to drive a single lap of that track than it takes to load - even if it isn't improved before release.

    Not only does it have long load times, it runs like total arse. They've got a lot of optimisation work to do.

    I think we're jumping the gun, the choppiness is youtube not the game.
    As for the load times, beta copy, not installed to HDD, track 5 times bigger.
    Everyone keeps looking at reasons to get annoyed before it comes out. JUST WAIT A COUPLE OF MONTHS!

    Wait the reflection in the tv look like they are wearing 3D glasses. Hence the crap picture and long load time.
    THEIR! relax angry commentors

    LOL even if thats final... its not THAT bad. get over it its just a game you still get to play

    also, i think you can see in the reflection the player and cameraman are wearing 3D glasses???

    That explains the choppy

    It's almost always a bad idea when the developers feel the need to add a progress bar to a loading screen. It feels like an apology for making you wait so long.

    Even if it's a big track a one and a half minute load time, is a long time

    Strange because E3 handycam vidoes show the game load as long as GT5p, which is around 10 or so seconds.

      Good to know you'll always be around when it comes to a PS3 exclusive article.

      Anyway, after playing Mass Effect and really enjoying, loading times doesn't bother me that much. Sure it can be frustrating and annoying at times - but there are worse things that could happen.
      Ya know, like GT5 getting delayed yet again?!

      I know GT5 will be great, I don't think worth the wait, but great. But either way - its going to be picked at by all for whatever reason people can find.

        mate, you can't talk. you're the biggest Halo fanboy around.

    Okay, who was the jerk that walked between the player and the TV? Every gamer should get annoyed at that; it's bad etiquette!

    On a side note (and more on topic), long load time for a dev build is business as usual.

    The video has been slowed down by 50%. The video is nearly 6 minutes long but the audio runs out at 4 minutes and everyone reflected in the screen looks like they're moving through treacle. Most tellingly, the in-game timer clearly visible on the screen takes approximately two seconds for every 1 second of video.

    Fanboy hate or geniune mistake?

    It's still a work in progress, the prologue version wasn't as bad.

    Instant loading! I didn't realize that the ps3 was a cartridge console :)

    there is now a note on the start of the vid confirming the video is slowed...

    oh well.. nothing to worry about then :P carry on ppl

    I guess no one saw the people walking in bullet time in the screen reflection. I guess God made some of us with slow load times too. Slow in the head.

    "I guess no one saw the people walking in bullet time in the screen reflection."

    I did, I pointed it out yesterday. Me, me, me, MEEEEEE.

    It's a fake, people!

    Please look at the screen reflections... the video is in slow motion.

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