Walmart Holding Midnight Mass For The Church Of Madden

We're now one week (and 30 minutes, to be exact) from the traditional midnight launch of Madden NFL and Walmart's promising nationwide events for those who want to take it home as soon as the clock strikes 12.

Word from Walmart corporate says that line-waiters will get $US5 gift cards for buying the game at midnight. Sounds like you get that after you pay for the game. But paired with the $US20 e-gift card the retailer's offering for pre-orders, you can get some reasonable jing back, especially if you plan on picking up Madden 11 already.

Stores will also be offering Madden tournaments, "free product samples" (like Madden-flavoured Doritos?) and the opportunity to win tickets to Super Bowl XLV. Check with your local store for full details, but many should be participating.


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