Want To Repair Your Own Game Consoles?

Do-it-yourself electronics repair website iFixit is putting repair power in the hands of players, with the release of more than 200 different crowdsourced repair manuals for 24 game consoles, with parts available to get the job done mostly right.

iFixit's mission is to enable and encourage to self-repair electronics community. Up until now that's mainly meant iPod, laptop and mobile phone repair, but now the site expands with a heaping helping of video game repair manuals and the special tools necessary to make the repairs yourself.

From the Sega Game Gear to the new Xbox 360 consoles, iFixit has you covered. Each guide is filled with step-by-step images showing you exactly how to replace your Xbox 360's heatsink or recondition your PlayStation 3 joystick.

To celebrate the new video game repair guides, iFixit sent me some tools to help get me started on the path to self-repair.

I give myself a week before somebody dies.

iFixit Video Game Console Section [iFixit]


    I am a big fan of this, but my own results have been mixed. I have replaced just about every part of the original xbox with good results, the 360 I have repaired one RROD out of 4 attempts. They all work initially but RROD again within about 2 weeks.

    The repair kits set me back 9 bucks so not a big deal really.

    Let me know if anyone tries anything else... I like fixing things!

    Ive fixed a dreamcast, a couple of original xbox and i attempted to fix the a 360 with rrod. didnt work :( I still like fixing things though.

    I like the idea of this just for the more minor things such as controller fixes and the like.

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