Warhammer 40K MMO: Man Vs Wild

THQ has announced the first playable race for the upcoming massively multiplayer online game based on the Warhammer 40K universe. And you'll never guess who it is.

Overlooking popular favourites like the Necron and Tau, THQ has instead opted to reveal peripheral species "The Imperium Of Man".

Strange choice. Who'd want to play as Space Marines in a Warhammer 40K game?


    Trailer was awesome but I didn't like the voice over. I like the voices from DOW1&2 for how Zealous they sound when speaking of the Imperium! And I think that is how it should be and is in all books. Any speech and word any action out of turn from the Imperium is HERESY!

    Heres hoping it doesnt suck. Cant wait.

    Probably the closest thing we'll get to playing Starcraft II online...

      By that I mean a Starcraft MMO

        Don't underestimate the ability of Activision Blizzard to milk an IP. It could still happen. En'taro Tassadar!

          Indeed. When I heard Blizzard are working on a brand new IP for an mmo? My immediate thought? 'Ooooh so its a new IP of Starcraft???' Brand new IP my ass...


    Bad: Not sure I'm a fan of the cartoony-ness. I'd prefer more dark and gritty.

    Ugly: THE BOLTERS ARE EJECTING SHELL CASINGS. BOLT ROUNDS ARE CASELESS FFFFF. (Yes I know the official art depicts it occasionally, and GW have admitted that it's poetic licence. Space Marine doesn't appear to feature them though)

      Cartoony-ness graphics, like World of Warcraft, is more friendly to older PC's.
      Dark and gritty needs more detail and textures.
      Cartoony dark and gritty ends up looking horrible.

        yeah and just to add, if you have more realistic models the more likely they will look stupid. On the other hand if you do realistic models properly ala crysis they can look feckn awesome but take up heaps of system resources. Cartoony allows you to have lower system reqs and keep it looking half decent

    @Mr Waffle: The bolters -used- to be caseless, canon-wise Marines 'personalise' their bolters with a primer charge, as without it the projectiles were not lethal at close range.

    The other thing is, what do you mean by 'gritty'? A coat of grime and battledamage, or some stereotypical lashings of gunmetal gray and dogshit brown?

    I expect better voice acting from the 40k franchise. Looks interesting though.

    It's unlikely but I really hope Tyranids are playable.

    Out of all the MMO's coming out I think this one interest's me the most.

    Simply because how does it work? Can I hoon around on my Marine bike almost everywhere with twin machine guns blazing? Can I become a Dreadnought? Will a "Party" consist of a Sergeant (tank) Medic, and some special weapons marines?

    looking good, but i too am somewhat worried about the cartoony appearance... but that would be mainly because im not used to it in a 40k game...

    Why do I think that the Warhammer 40k MMO is going to have 90%+ of the population rolling Space Marines on day one. WoW had this sort of gross imbalance early on too (a LOT of Alliance/Hunters), but I think the faction imbalance will be even worse here.

    Is it just me, or does the game-play videos look like game-play from Dawn of War II...!?

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