We Want Your Reader Reviews

This is just a friendly reminder to get reviewing. (Because I've run out of decent reader reviews to publish.) You could even win a cool Madman Entertainment Blu-ray/DVD prize pack.

That’s right, we want you to share your views on the latest games with the rest of the Kotaku community.

It’s easy. Just write a review of a (fairly) recent game and send it to us.

OK, it’s not quite that easy. Your review must conform to the standard Kotaku review template, meaning it must contain:

* A brief introduction detailing what the game is about * A description of the things you LOVED (using titled bullet points) * A description of the things you HATED (using titled bullet points) * A brief conclusion detailing your overall opinion

And you must do all this in under 500 words.

Check out the reader reviews we’ve published so far during June, May, April, March, February, January, December, November, October, September and August. Follow that format and you'll be fine.

We’re looking for sharp writing, keen analysis and interesting views. Include your name and of course the name of the game you’re reviewing and email it to us with “Kotaku Reader Review” in the subject. We’ll be publishing the best ones as we receive them and we’ll be offering a prize incentive for the very best.

madman-logoA prize? Yes, a prize. Thanks to the very kind chaps at Madman Entertainment, purveyor of all kinds of cool, indie and esoteric film, the best reader review we publish each month will win a Blu-ray and/or DVD pack containing ten of Madman's latest releases.


    All right. Motivation to write more reviews is slowly coming back to me!

    Is Demon's Souls to old to review? Or what about Singularity?

      Both work for me.

    I'm going to have to play me some recentish games then... haha

      Join the club. I'm still trying to finish Final Fantasy VI Advance and Halo Wars.
      After that I might play Call of Duty 1 which I started and never finished all those years ago!

      Recent games can wait.

        haha yeh.. i'm still doing Mass effect 1 :P

          I can beat you.
          I need to start on KOTOR 2 before starting on ME1.

          Yeah I know they're not related but I like to see how BioWare games have evolved over the years. :-)

    Send me something to review. :)
    I'm sure I could come up with something fervent and whimsical.

    I'm in the same boat as Chuloopa, I havn't played anything recent.

    My mate has Kane and Lynch 2 and also Mafia II.
    I might have a bash tonight and see what I come up with.

    I always feel bad for the folk who after seeing this post relise that the review they sent in didn't make the cut.

    It's a pity I only really play high caliber PC games, been a bit of a dry season at the moment. Except for perhaps Starcraft 2, although I think I'd need more like 1000 words to do it justice in a review. It's just a tad huge!

    I'm pretty keen to do more reviews though,I have my eyes set on fallout new vegas, so expect my review in October. Maybe RUSE and Darksiders (PC) in September if I get bored :P. As for now, I simply have nothing to review for you =[

    I just got Kane and Lynch 2 so I might review it when I finish it. The problem is that I feel really uncomfortable when I play it.

      Sounds like something to put under the HATE section. :D

    I've got two planned. I should get off my butt and write them.

    Considering how much time I just dropped on Might and Magic 7, I was thinking of reviewing that, but having read this, I'm guessing it's a bit too old ;) Back to the drawing board!

    If only i wasn't about 2 years behind in my gaming. Does save me heaps of cash thou.

    Maybe when Other M drops i might pick that up. But we had those really good hands on impressions not too long ago.

    Seriously worth it guys, the Mad Man pack is really top tier. I was half-expecting junk they couldn't get rid of when I last won, but was instead rewarded with the likes of Halo Legend, Ghost in the Shell 2.0, Afro Samurai and Transformers: The Animated movie, among others.

    Working on a Kane & Lynch 2 review as we speak.

    I wanted to write a review for King Arthur: The Role Playing Wargame on Steam. Came out late last year but I never got around to it. The ususal excuse - been to busy.

    I'm guessing it's now to old to be reviewed. David?

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