Well, Limbo Certainly Sold A Ton Of Copies

Creepy indie platformer Limbo is one of the surprise hits of 2010, not just with critics, but with the game-buying public too.

Developers Playdead have told Gamasutra that the game has sold over 300,000 copies since it was released last month. For a game about a creepy little kid dying a million times in a world of black and white, those are good numbers. Actually, no. Those are great numbers.

I just hope most people got the game. For five minutes, I was frustrated and horrified. For the remainder, it was one of the smartest and, more importantly, funniest games I've played all year.

GDC Europe: Limbo's Carlsen On Making Players Your Worst Enemy And Your Best Friend [Gamasutra]


    Put it on the PSN....You're guaranteed to get at least one sale....

    Well, at Chuloopa's instigation, I bought this on Wednesday.

    It was a little short, clocking in at just under four hours, but it was by far one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences this year for me. It was both charming and very, very creepy.

    Agreed, PSN please.

    I don't know why people are so surprised? This game (like Braid before it) was certain to be a HIT with the scenester/emo kid crowd

    Agreed PSN PLEASE!
    I was so cut when I found this was an X360 only release.

    I bet if you put this on psn same or close number will apear

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