We're No Strangers To Crysis (Or Love)

Rickroll? So 2009. 2010 is all about the Crysisroll.

Garry's Mod may be the most common source of these kind of custom user-made videos, but Crytek's Crysis editor, Sandbox, can certainly hold its own.

[thanks Leon!]


    Quite impressive. Didn't know Crysis had that capability.

    But some of those dance moves just look so wrong for the character.

    Nice vid but i think i can see why more people dont use it, faces a bit emotionless though that might just be this video, game itself seemed to do well enough the few times you could see anyones face.

    ...and now my day is officially complete!

    What more games REALLY need is dancing super soldiers!

    Here's hoping Gears 3 is BROADWAY BABY!

    Thats awesum.
    But the chicks fingers are scarely long and james bond kinda wrecks it...
    Thriller would be cool to watch too...

    Best video clip. Ever.

    So funny. Can't stop watching!

    Now this succeeded 300% in brightening my depressing morning. Bookmarking this cuz it's so awesome, it's next gen Rickrolling, now Crisisrolling! :D

    I was just impressed that Psycho was using MAXIMUM STRENGTH when dancing on stage:)

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