What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'm playing this game right here. It's a new instalment in a long-running series and it's out in October. What am I playing?

And what are you playing this weekend, dear readers?


    I'm just glad it's not FO: New Vegas. Otherwise sir, I would be quite jealous.

    Alpha Protocol ! Second play through, Veteran here I come!

    Castlevania Lords of Shadow!

    And this weekend I'm playing Starcraft II and Fallout 3 GOTY (the expansions rock, so much better than Episodes from Liberty City).

    If I get the time this weekend, I'm looking to sink some hours into my new PS3. So that means some Scott Pilgrim, some Wipeout HD, some Uncharted 2, some PixelJunk stuff. Perhaps some TF2 on the Mac.

    In need of a good multiplayer game to muck around in too (bar Uncharted's playset). Any suggestions?

    Still Might and Magic 7 for me :0 Such a long game! And also some Scott Pilgrim!

      Oh, and the game David is playing is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow! Lucky son of a gun!!!

    I got two copies of Kane and Lynch 2 so it'll be a weekend of co-op hilarity I think.

    Playing some Torchlight goodness. Mostly stayed away from it so far but am enjoying it the more I get into ti!

    I'm playing the grandest adventure of all: Australian Democracy!

    Hope there's a patch for it this time, the last time the option you picked made no difference...

      With any luck, hopefully this expansion pack will introduce a new faction, because the current two are essentially identical except for different paint jobs...

        Well balanced but lacking in variety. I tried installing the sex party mod, wonder if it'll help

          Didn't that get the game banned under our classification system?

        Yeah the election campaign this year has been awful, but to say that both the major parties are essentially the same other than in presentation is extremely ignorant.

        I've been replaying Uncharted 2 on Crushing, chasing the platinum, and I'm glad that the crushing isn't as hard as it was in the first, when I played through U:DF on crushing it really ruined the whole game, it was more of pain in the ass than it was enjoyable. So far U2:AF has been great fun on crushing.

    I'll be playing some Demon's Souls and some Singularity.

    I got Singularity for free recently, like not a retail copy, but a review one... these guys asked me to do it: http://nextgg.com/dashboard/index.php (I hope you'll let me keep that little plug there, lol.)

    And slowly I'm warming more and more towards Demon's Souls...

    Been playing The Saboteur all this week. Awesome fun game, but man, why are there so many freeplay targets?! I've played the game 20 hours and only blown up 40% of them, ugh...

    This weekend I don't think I will have much time to play unfortunately. Today is packed full of housework, voting, grocery shopping, a 1st birthday party, visit my sister who has just recently got out of hospital, then to finish it off a trivia night!!

    Early night in bed though, tomorrow I will be hitting the slopes to teach the wife how to snowboard! Testing times ahead!!

    Last night I managed to get some game time in, I'm not allowed to play Scott Pilgrim without the wife so I went trophy hunting. A bit of Need for Speed: Shift, Modern Warfare 2 and Joe Danger!

    I picked up Alan Wake and GTA 4 for XBOX during the week, so I'll be playing those, and Splinter Cell Conviction.

    ooooooooooh, Castlevania! Will you posting a "First Hour Of.." for it next week? I'd like to hear more about it, I'm in two minds about buying it.

    As for what this weekend, I have rediscovered the joys of Uncharted 2 Multiplayer after my interwebs is not as bad as it was before. I'll probably play tonight though, if anyone is interested?

    And I will also be playing inFamous. And maybe I should start Bioshock.

    I have some exams next week but Im still going to play a couple games of SC2 :D

    Transformers: War for Cybertron - 4x EXP this weekend and there are always good lag free games going when these EXP events happen.

      It's a shame the game doesn't have a bigger following. It's a clone of MW2, after all.

        U obviously haven't played transformers. The online is different completely in the it's more akin to gears then anything without the cover system! On there are always people online transformers and it has absolutely no glitch whores

    Finishing off Half Life 2: Episode Two. Might also start Mass Effect 2 again.

    With all the screenshots of Diablo III out, I've dusted off Diablo II and am playing through that again to relive old memories. Plus some Final Fantasy XIII and Heavy Rain, and probably some FF7 on PSP as well. I've never beaten Emerald and Ruby weapons before, but with 3 Knights of the Round, I'm pretty confident :)

    I picked up NHL 2K9 for 19 at Kmart...it reminded me how much better the EA Series is, so I went back to playing NHL 10.

    Might give the 11 Demo a bit more of a run as well

    Puzzle Quest 2! I'm loving it. And WoW. Always WoW.

    It's been a racing day for me. Dusted off the ps2 ( sooo much dust) and played gt4 to hype myself up for gt5 even though I don't have a ps3 (yet. I can't resist not getting one now).

    Also some gt pro series for some odd reason on wii. It's so bad!

    Just kicked that Krogan warmaster in the teeth - poxy, manky git!

    So i'll hopefully have a bit of time to invest into my Mass Effect :)

    Still playing DQIX, can't get enough!

    Red Dead Redemption for PS3, Dragon Age Origins for PC.

    War for Cybertron (who can resist 4XP!) and Monday Night Combat

    Been playing a fair bit of Monday Night Combat on XBL. Despite its shortcomings (shortage of maps, a few balancing issues in said maps, a few balancing issues with classes and horrid host migration code), I absolutely love it!

    Otherwise, some Football Manager 2011 demo and I'll find time to have a play more Sin and Punishment 2 also ('high score' bug has bitten me recently).

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