What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I've just ordered myself a new PC. While I wait for it to be delivered - Monday, hopefully! - I'm reorganising my PC games collection in giddy anticipation.

There's something about upgrading to new hardware that rejuvenates interest in older games. I always find myself reinstalling and replaying a few favourites just to see what they now look like with all the graphical settings maxed out.

So I ask you: what should be the first game I play on my new PC this week?

As for this weekend, I've got some preview code of upcoming action/adventure Enslaved and side-scrolling brawler Shank to check out. I'm also planning on setting some new fastest laps in Hydro Thunder and continuing my journey through Dragon Quest IX.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I'm a bit like you with getting excited about old games with a new pc too ;) I always dig out the ones that ran like crap and give em a whirl!
    Obvious choise would be crysis. If you like racers, something like burnout paradise, blur or need for speed will shine. Red Faction 2 runs really smooth, or something like Fallout 3 or GTA4! I often look to old gta games cos they usually tend to push older systems a bit.

    As for me, I'll be playing more might and magic 7, and with any luck, puzzle quest 2 on pc!!!

    Not likely to get to much gaming in on the weekend, but at the same time I'm heading to the Freeplay festival in Melbourne this weekend so will likely get to see a few independent games in action.

    Alpha Protocol, Limbo, Half Life 2 for me.

    Oblivion might be a sneaky go on the new PC?

    my plans are to play some more SC2, prob some hydro thunder... maybe monday night combat if i decide to buy it...

    also might put some time into dragon age and/or mass effect 1...

    far too many games... not enough time... lol

    So, what’s your verdict on Dragon Quest? Pretty good, right?

    I'm full up with uni work this weekend. But i may finally try to finish Valkyria Chronicles

    Im playing, 'can you finish your assignment on time' oh and a bit of 'Transformers: War for Cybertron'.

      Oh wow. Just had a look at your post after I posted mine. I played "can you finish your assignment on time" all week last week. Finally finished it yesterday. Crappy game but it had a good ending.

      I hate university.

        Assignment due on Friday and they announce RDR double XP this weekend.. what is a man to do?

        Also hate uni, but thankfully this is my last course then i have an MBA... 12 units and about 6 years from start to finish (had a year or two off) but yeah, good luck gents!

    For your new PC i would recommend World in Conflict, Supreme Commander or Batman: Arkham Asylum (the PhysX does add to the game IMO - not a game changer but still cool).

    As for me i am starting to get into Dragon Age Origins, even after i promised myself i wouldn't touch it till i had time off near christmas because otherwise i would get sucked into it too much :P (and guess what has happened :rolleyes:)

    SC2 with some friends, Borderlands and maybe, just maybe I will get War For Cybertron on PC (since my 360 died the day after I got it).

    Scott Pilgrim. Duh.

    Dont try and replay Knights of the Old Republic 1, it hasnt aged well at all :(

      It's alright so long as that's all you play for a little while, you get used to the crappy graphics again. I recently went through KotOR 1 and 2 but stopped myself from playing any nice new FPS's in between so I'd actually not be turned off by the graphics, and it worked well, I really enjoyed playing them again.

    I played StarCraft 2 last night with 3 mates, which was good. Also picked up a new 360 as I sold my existing one earlier in the year (big mistake) do downloading all the content attached to my XBOX Live account. Apart from that might try to finish Uncharted 1 on PS3 (on the last stage) maybe some Gears of War and GTA, and Red Dead Redemption if I get a chance.

    Im hoping to get some RDR in on PS3, but failing that, SC2 on PC will do

    dq 9/8

    With a new pc, you'd want to play either a rts or a fps imo. I think they're the 2 genres best suited on pc. As posted earlier, if you haven't played crysis, I'd recommend it. I haven't played any of the recent fps games (still hung up on tf2), so I can't suggest much really, except I'm looking forward to medal of honor.

    This weekend I'm booked solid with social events and study, but as soon as I finish this post I'm going to take out another ex-boyfriend or two in scott pilgrim.

    Not sure what I'm going to play... I finished World in Conflict (+Soviet Assault) yesterday, as well as Terminator Salvation. Most over-exaggerated "worst game ever" title ever, I quite enjoyed it, considering I paid 10 bucks. Wish it had been longer.

    I suppose I'll play some more Puzzle Quest 2, and maybe start up a new game on 360... Bayonetta? The Saboteur? Damn 101cd selling me so many cheap games, I don't know what to play next!

    Some Red Dead Redem and NFS shift on PS3.
    Dave i just got a new wicked gaming pc a few weeks ago and I do the same things. I CAN MAX CRYSIS ON IT! Anyway on the PC I will try and finsih FEAR 2 this wkend then start newest Wolfenstein and Metro 2033. May try some more Mass Effect 1 so I can finsih it soon and get the 2nd.

    Let us know what you do end up playing.

    How's everyone anticipation for Mafia 2, just got the demo off steam and it seems faithful to the first yippee!

    Assassins Creed II and Alien Vs. Predator for me. :)

    Up to the final boss in metroid prime, so I'll be playing that along with probably starting mp2 and also some monster hunter if I'm in the mood. But I'm determined to finish mp first!

    I'll be sinking a few more hours into DQIX. As soon as I get my Paladin and Ranger leveled uop to the same range as my Priest and Main Char (Armamentalist) I'll be finishing off the Swinedimples stuff. Then hopefully I can finish the story without getting distracted by another bunch of classes that I'll just have to try out... :(

    Sadly no time for games this weekend, got a HSC major work due Monday.

    Ah I'll work some hours in somewhere, prolly DoW2 or RDR Multiplayer

    BlazBlue: Continuum Shift for PS3. ;)

    Transformers War for Cybertron and Monday Night Combat

    The wife is away this weekend, so I've taken the opportunity to chip away at my backlog and get involved in some co-op.

    Finally started Bioshock 2 and played Red Dead, Bad Company 2 Onslaught and Borderlands last night with some mates.

    Its either going to be more Borderlands and Onslaught mode tonight or a night of FIFA and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game.

    Im going old school, Duke Nukem Manhattan Project and maybe some good old Duke Nukem 3D, Although i dont have a 360 (yet) i have some digging to do.

    im kinda with you David, i get my new laptop on monday.

    Bad Company 2... I know it's a little late, but I've just broken out of the clutches of the addictive Modern Warfare 2. Bad Company 2 is fantastic game, that defiantly rivals the Cod series.

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